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Thanks Dan for letting us have a Pets Forum.  I will start the ball rolling with a good action photo of my dog Busby on the beach last summer.  He loves finding a stick and running around with it.  Actually, he pinched this one from a German Shepherd on the beach (very brave) :o
Anyone else gone any unusual or amusing photos to share?

Lovely action shot of your Busby you can feel the movement.

Anyone remember Arthur the Kit e Kat cat who used to use his paws for eating?  Well here's a sort of action photo of my Poppy who likes eating the same way :D

We have to feed the cats on the work top otherwise the dogs would pinch the food ;D

Garden Manager:
Thats NOTHING  Pat.

We used to have a cat (an ex stray) that imitated the TV cat exactly. So much so we christened the cat 'Arthur'!

Pat - fabulous dog pic!  :D

But the TV cat was left handed ;D


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