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garlic - again!

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- just to remind you that it likes '3oz Potash/sq/yd' at this time.

Put in another 20' row today. Had to break the frozen crust to get them in. Hope they enjoy it!

If it doesn't work this year, after all the sterilisation, THAT'S IT!!  = Tim

The gardener:
mmm!!! thats interesting Tim, I generally give them 'nitro chalk' or similar as their first feed.

I give them potash later when I want to ripen & plump up the bulbs.

Do you have any particular reason for using potash now??

- could well be wrong, but - quote - 'all garlic responds well to (sorry) 2oz/sq/yd SofP in early Feb'. OK, I was a bit late? But isn't there always a wind when you try to apply it?

That's from the growers. But a short-lived fert like SofP at this stage?
I can't argue! = Tim

Mrs Ava:
Thanks Tim, will nip to the lottie society on Sunday to get some then straight back to the lottie to distribute.  Does this apply to shallots and onions or only the garlic?

Hi tim,i read you planted your garlic today.I did it already autumn last year.I also did it in feb-mar,but at the end they were a little bit tiny.My neighbour gardener told me then that he put  his garlicbulbs always in the autumninto the soil,so the have an advanced start and grows bigger.You should try it next autumn.


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