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You can see a list of the codes used to lay out text by pressing the edit button at the top of the sandbox page and then pressing 'Editing help' at the bottom of the screen.

The 'Editing help' page can stay open while you are editing any other pages on this wiki, so you can use it as a constant reference

Here is a pile of junk text and codes (sandbox toys?) to delete, copy, or just mess about with. Press the edit button to see how text and codes work together.

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Main Page

Sub-subsection with extra bits added

  • It's easy to create a list:
    • Start every line with a star.
      • More stars means deeper levels.
        • A newline in a list

marks this is the sandbox which I am learning to put information in

  • An empty line starts a new list.

  1. Numbered lists are also good
    1. very organized
    2. easy to follow
      1. easier still