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Today at 21:07:42 by Jeannine
Views: 23 | Comments: 0

 I have just transplanted 8 Daubenton plants grown from HSL seed.

 I didn't notice when they were in the modules but when spaced out it is clear that 2 are different. 1 has a quite definite purpled shade to it's stem and the leaf edges are smooth, 1 lacks the purple color but has the smooth leaf edges, and 6 have no purple color and the leaf edges are wavy.

I was not  totaling expecting true Daubentons from this seed as I am told they never produce seed and the HSL seed is something different but I was expecting them to be the same and I was hoping for them to be perennial..

Does anyone have any idea what I should expect from this seed. I have very little space and don't want to waste it. I would rather wait and get a cutting or two from someone sent over further down the line.

If anyone can tell me more about this seed I would be grateful, I will chuck the plants if they are going to be a bed full of questionable kale.  Help!! I am very frustrated.
Today at 17:14:20 by CotswoldLass | Views: 71 | Comments: 3

Might be a weed or might be something nice....?
Today at 16:53:37 by NightWish | Views: 69 | Comments: 5

I have an allotment on a council-managed site - no allotment association.  This was tucked away in our quarterly allotment newsletter:

Public Liability Insurance - Act Now!

All allotment holders are required to obtain public liability insurance for their allotment plot. The main reason being that if someone has an accident on your plot or as a result of your actions you will need to be covered against possible injuries to that person. You can add this to your household insurance policy at either a nil cost or a very small charge.

Well, having spoken to my insurers I can't add this to my insurance, and at the moment it's not practical to change insurers.  I was under the impression that the Council had insurance that covered individual plotholders, but apparently this isn't the case.  Does anyone know of a company that I could take out an individual policy, just for my allotment?
Today at 14:56:35 by bluecar | Views: 47 | Comments: 1

Hello all.

This year I decided not mound up my early potatoes as soon as I had planted them. I felt I needed to earth up today as a number of them were reaching 4 to 6 inches however, many of them have got flowers forming (closed). Should I still earth them up - if so should I cover the flower heads? Should I have earthe them up earlier?




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