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Yesterday at 06:36:26 by JanG
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Iíve never tried a second crop of potatoes before. This year I thought Iíd try Charlotte which has had such a good press here. I planted them in potato bags, perhaps rather early - forgot to note but maybe beginning of August, maybe earlier. They grew a fine head of top growth rapidly but then fell prey just as rapidly to really bad blight by mid September.
As Iíve had very little blight otherwise this year I was quite surprised. They are now a sorry sight and I imagine thereís very little there. Certainly wonít be worth hanging on till Christmas.

I guess the only thing to do is cut off the little bits of top growth which remain and hope I get one or two littleuns for seed potato for next year.  But thatís probably hopeful as they might be blighted, might have different dormancy pattern?

I wondered whether anyone else had run into big blight attacks with second cropping potatoes. Seems hardly worth trying again but I gather people do second crop potatoes successfully?
Deb P
September 29, 2020, 08:31:08 by Deb P
Views: 211 | Comments: 6

I gather this is a common problem with the newer iPhones, but this forum only accepts jpg photos and all of mine are now saved as jpegs with no way of altering the file extension to get them posted. Is it possible to get JPEGís on the accepted file list for the forum please Dan, or has someone found a work around for this problem?
September 28, 2020, 21:32:07 by galina | Views: 195 | Comments: 6

:icon_flower: :occasion13: :icon_flower: :occasion15: :icon_flower: :occasion13:

Happy Birthday, Daveyboi.  Hope you had a really good day and many happy returns.

 :icon_flower: :occasion13: :icon_flower: :occasion15: :icon_flower: :occasion13:
September 28, 2020, 10:06:55 by Paulines7
Views: 312 | Comments: 6

Just a quick question as I am off out shortly, but I want advice on my Sweet Pointed and Bell peppers please.  They seem to be suffering in the cold weather despite being in the greenhouse.  I have been picking the ones that have changed colour but should I harvest those that feel ripe but are still green?  I don't want to lose them. 

Your help is much appreciated.


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