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This is a work in progress... Please feel free to add any of your favourites that I might have missed, and any comments or reviews of the sites listed. Cheers, Bupster.

Alphabetical list

Potato mad. Also (slightly limited) range of seeds at just 50p a packet.
An activistic organisation providing an amazing open pollinating range, especially if you join and have access to their full list, their catalogue is a beauty, bed time reading of the highest quality. Seeds are not cheap but are excellent.
No pictures but very entertaining descriptions of a good range of flowers, fruit and vegetables, including an enormous selection of wildflowers. "Very reliable, lots of unusual veg seeds, and they give you *loads* of seeds per packet." - fluffygrue
Supplier to commercial growers of herbs and salads, but they sell to the public, too and offer a few things you don't see elsewhere.
Long-established supplier of seeds and plants
"Excellent seed suppliers that work out fairly cheap." - Sandersj89.
"Very very good seed supplier, especially good for spuds, but I am biased as my family have used this outfit for over 50 years." - Sandersj89.
Very wide range of seeds in useful categories.
For the exhibitionists amongst us.
Heritage seed library. Different range every year; members can choose twelve, of which they receive their top six plus a lucky dip.
If you have an allotment, you probably get most of your seeds here. Kings have a deal with several allotment societies - so check before you order online.
W Robinson's Mammoth Vegetable seeds. Sounds like you can grow your own woolly elephant type animal.
Organic herbs and vegetables and, peculiarly, horse paddock grass mixtures. Should you like your manure fresh.
Medwyn Williams has won many Chelsea prizes for his veg - this is his seedshop
Another big supplier to the large scale grower - probably of interest only if you have a need to buy cheaply in bulk.
A recently improved site and a good range, especially of chilli peppers, and reasonably priced.
Does what it says on the tin.
The first stop if you're gardening organically with a huge range, but can be pricy. Commercial arm of the HDRA (now Garden Organic).
Mail order only - the most attractive seed catalogue you'll ever own. A pleasure to browse.
'Real' seeds from a firm that started on a Cambridge allotment. No hybrids. Many heirloom varieties. Reasonable prices, generous quantities, and customers are encouraged to save their own seeds.
Suppliers of a range of rare and unusual seeds including chilli seeds, heirloom tomato seeds, banana seeds and exotic fruit seeds.
Very pretty website but outrageously expensive.
Rare and unusual seeds. Organic vegetables and herbs, though not all that rare or unusual.
Very cheap seeds by weight, large range and fast delivery.
Wonderful range but be careful what you order as some packets contain up to 10,000 seeds!
Major seed supplier.
Another major supplier, T&M often have special offers - the current season's offer is your most expensive packet of seeds free. Dangerous, if you ask me.