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Dulcie, not feeling himself
« on: July 21, 2017, 23:01:47 »
Dulcie got his photo in my knitting magazine again, and I gave it to the emergency vet tonight.  He did a wee(not the vet) in the living room, which is most unusual, been clean for 8 years but in a way good he is not blocked again, rather not on the carpet.  He has been sleeping in the bath, wash basin on the fridge/freezer.  Rang the vet and said he may have a temperature so is trying to get cool.  Got an appointment for tomorrow, but after OH seeing me crying in the garden, said get the emergency vet at Barnet. So he got the car out, no fish and chips tonight, in fact no dinner. Apparently Dulcie is not blocked as did a poo and wee in the car (don't suppose you want to know that) and is temperature was OK, so he is back home.  Only cost me 240. but at least I will sleep easy tonight.  NO MORE ANIMALS. He may have an infection, so is on tablets for 2 weeks and can only have the vets food.

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