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Tee Gee
Today at 13:34:32 by Tee Gee
Views: 12 | Comments: 1

As some of you may know my current programme in preparation for me retiring from "allotmenteering" is to rearrange my garden at home.

Here is the result of yesterday's work when the Junipers were removed to expose my tatty old fence which I have never seen for around 25 years.

This morning I fitted new rails  to my knee high fence. ( the fence at the back is my neighbours work)

The next good day I will attempt to remove the Juniper roots which is not essential as these would be covered when I plant various shrubs taken from my herbaceous border in the back garden. However if I can remove them it will help me to put my shrubs where I want them rather than fitting them in around existing roots.

So it is all systems go!
Today at 11:15:15 by Joolieeee
Views: 16 | Comments: 1

Am I ok to use the vinegar I have left over from last year (dated 10/2019). Or would you recommend new now it's been open for a year?
Yesterday at 17:09:12 by DrJohnH | Views: 74 | Comments: 3

Harvested a couple of Crown Prince squash today after the storms brought down the bean frame onto the squash bed.  Dried off and placed on kitchen window- a couple of hours later I picked it up and there was water underneath- it might have come from a tiny crack in the bottom of the squash- I guess that this one won't store well and needs to be used up first?

September 20, 2018, 11:03:21 by Vinlander | Views: 65 | Comments: 1

I stopped growing ordinary aubergines a while back because of spider mite - they seem to be a magnet for the buggers and though misting them every day works it means you simply can't grow tomatoes under the same cover for fear of blight.

I still grow a small number of Ophelia plants because they are so much quicker, and I can handle the loss of a small crop.

For my main crop I rely on the smooth-leaved types that cope with the mites - or manage not to attract them - as well as peppers do anyway...

I've been growing Turkish Orange, Goyo, and Toga for the last few years, and the fruits never got much bigger than 4cm.

This now turns out to have been a good thing, because this year they have all lost their fleshy nature and become seedy in different ways.

The Turkish have grown to the size of Marmande tomatoes in the last 3 weeks (while I wasn't watching), and there is almost no flesh - just 2-3mm around and between compartments of seeds in gel. But they taste OK apart from a slight bitterness in the ones that developed a red blush.

The Goyo ones are all still green and the same size as usual, but they have also gone to compartments and seeds, and they have got very bitter in the process - they can only be used in stews (I like bitterness if it's diluted - many bitters used as food are very powerful & beneficial).

This is what I don't understand - I associate seedy with ripeness - usually as a colour change.

Any Ideas? Will I have to pick them even smaller when it's another good year?

I haven't found any Toga fruit yet - my labelling of seedlings is very unreliable - the plants might well have died before being potted up.

To be brutally honest I only grow aubergines to placate SWMBO - they fail my normal rating test in a spectacular fashion - they are fussy, late, and do almost nothing without precious heat, light and space in the propagator, and equally precious space under cover.

More importantly, after squandering all these resources they then fruit in the same month as the main season from Spain etc. - a time when they are "cheap as chips".

If I can't work out what's going on I'll just grow a few Ophelia for lip service and a show of obedience - I'll use the space for something like Green Tiger tomatoes that can't be bought for love or money (and taste better with every day on the plant - even when they wrinkle up - would be the world's greatest sundried tomato if I could resist them long enough).

To sum up -  :BangHead:



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