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Today at 06:25:02 by galina | Views: 29 | Comments: 3

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:icon_cheers:   Happy Birthday, Flighty, and many Happy Returns!   :icon_cheers: 

Here's to a very special and enjoyable day!

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Yesterday at 09:02:55 by ACE
Views: 122 | Comments: 2

Did anybody watch Country File last night. I was interested to see soya being grown. I might give it a small trial next year. I eat a lot of soya products but it is mostly over produced and no taste. I thought using it like I use my usual beans cooked, mashed and reformed into whatever we are making might make it tastier and more interesting. Has anybody ever tried growing them. It did not look like a big producing plant, so I was also wandering if a small crop was viable.
October 22, 2017, 13:35:26 by ACE
Views: 114 | Comments: 2

I dug up all the old plants after the fruit stopped and made a new bed from the runners. Having been away for a few weeks I am starting to tidy up now for the winter. Weeded the new strawberry bed and found loads of green fruit, I cut them all off and deflowered a load more. I would rather the plants to be making roots than wasting energy on fruiting. I did also cut off loads of older leaves just leaving the juvenile ones, mainly to mark where the plants are so I whip around with the hoe now and again. Should I just let them hibernate now or should I give them a feed? They all had some chicken pellets when I planted the bed out but that was about 3 months ago. Everything else is also growing like it is spring, small tomato and potato plants, beans that have dropped, even a courgette, spring sprouting broccoli is in full swing and tons of annual weeds. Could do with a cold snap really.
October 22, 2017, 09:06:32 by Digeroo
Views: 163 | Comments: 1

Got Cyprus and Hamburg beans from HSL and both seem to have been good growing up sweetcorn.  Cyprus in particular produces a light vine and small tasty beans.  I grazed a lot raw.  But the sweet corn with beans growing up them did not get attacked by rats or whatever it was that where eating the cobs on our site.

The Cyprus beans dried to a very small pod, so took some finding.  But I ended up with 18 pods which will give me about 100 beans so many more than the 10 I started with.

And I got a great pumpkin.  Though it ended up under the red currants.


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