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Here we go again!!

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Thanks - I might have a go - but how much more effort do we have to put in? I thought my security was good, by results, but then. after monthsof okness, here we go! And how do we know which one is or is not working?  And it's always a question of continual updating??  Too tiring, man, too tiring! = Tim

For Ceri - I didn't read your properly first time, sorry.

Don't want to worry you, but if I was getting that kind of pattern, I'd want to double check that my protections have actually been working.  It "feels" suspicious - worth the double check?

- Virus check (with up-to-date dictionary); Spybot check; and Adaware ( check.

And yup - it's a ....... ....... pain!

All best - Gavin


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