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Biodegradable bags


How to improve “compostability”?

My household has been using so-called biodegradable bags for food waste which I have been adding to the compost heap. When I came to spread the latest bin-worth onto the allotment it was apparent that the bags had degraded slower than their contents.

How do I get the bags to degrade quicker. They look horribly like bog paper where I’ve spread the otherwise OK compost?

I tend to just put back into the next heap , but that doesn't answer your question. Probably more moisture in any form? We use household liquid compost activator.

I've been using the compostable / biodegradable mulch plastic (corn starch). It has done it's job well, but at the end of the season it looks like I'm letting scraps of black plastic blow around. It certainly takes more than one year to decompose whether in the compost bin or dug in. But even worse are the flower feed sachets that come with cut flowers.

I line my kitchen caddy with newspaper now and tip the peelings etc into my dalek every couple of days. The degradable bags are used in the recycle waste food caddy at the moment but when this latest supply is used up I won't order any more. I find they tear too easily and make a mess!

Tricia  :wave:

I'd be adding more moisture. I find that usually makes things rot down quicker.


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