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Path lights - can you help?

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My dear mother has landed me with the task of trying to find replacement lights for her garden path - the old ones were smashed by a freak hailstorm a few weeks ago. She has very firm ideas as to what she'd like, which may not be compatible with what is actually available, and of course searching the internet for products like these throws up all the weaknesses of the way search engines work. So if anyone has any they've bought themselves, or knowledge of the field, I'd welcome your advice.

They need to be 12v (solar is Not Wanted), as they'll need to be spliced into the old supply and the junction waterproofed, at least 4 lamps (more is not an issue as they can run back up the other side), and she'd like some kind of bulb so that ones that die can be replaced. They also need to cast light down onto the path rather than across it. Oh, and to be cheap - certainly under 100 a set, preferably much less. You'd be amazed by how much that challenges search engines and product descriptions!

Over to you, all advice welcomed.


It is a difficult to envisage exactly what you are seeking, but I feel confident you will find something suitable.

Now that LED bulbs are common you can get a lot of light for low power consumption well suited to a 12 volt system.  Good led bulbs should last 50,000 hours which in theory means a few hours use each day will not need changing for a decade.  Also there is an established system of rating external electrical devices for how well they resist ingress from dust, dirt and moisture. You should probably go for IP66, This will resist torrential rain.

Many outdoor lighting systems have up to 8 lamps on lowish spikes.  Your main difficulty may be finding posts that are tall enough to meet your needs.

"It is a difficult to envisage exactly what you are seeking" - exactly my problem, mate!

Thanks for those pointers - most helpful.

Toolstation 98552 may do the job & they have others.

Those look a very good call indeed - assuming I can get her onto a computer to look, I will pass the details on. Thank you!


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