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Tiny Clanger:
Ive had some VERY strange results from Sweet dumpling this year. Growing just as bush and with a "Pointy bottom".  All previous years they have had a dip at the stalk and a dimple at the other end.  They teast OK though but just not what I expected. On the other hand, I have grown White Discoid shaped Squash/Courgette for years.  I buy from Kings and Franchi.  This year seed from both suppliers did NOT grow as before. They were NOT discus shaped, but more rounded on one side with crenelations round the top instead of being a flattish fruit.  The skins were very thick and the taste was quite unpleasant we only ate half a one.  I have spoken to both suppliers to let them know but they are "mystified!" I reckon both firms have purchased from a different supplier due to Covid? Brexit?  Invasion by Aliens?  The rest of the squashes/pumpkins were OK - some were cross breeding but that's as normal.  Hope to do better next year.  Will not be growing the white ones again till they go back to being a true discoid fruit.

I grow "Custard White" and the seed I think is obtained by our allotment holders association from Kings. The young fruits (which is how I aim to pick them) are disc shaped and grey/green rather than white but if any mature (while I was on holiday for instance) they become larger, thicker skinned crenelated plates which are much whiter in colour (perhaps a bit like a custard pie!).  I had one this year which reached that stage more quickly, so perhaps it is weather related in some way too. We cut up and roasted that one. I haven't noticed anything different about the taste this year.

Last week I  picked 1 cob off 24 plants as a tester. Went to the allotment yesterday badgers had taken the lot off 4 allotments. Unbeknown to me they had visited the bottom half of the site early last week and saved the top half for their Friday night feast.


The only 'predator' I have to worry about is the neighbourhood cats. Even walls and fences don't keep them out  :BangHead:

Tricia  :wave:


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