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Duke Ellington:
I would like to grow melons in my greenhouse next year. Have you had success with melons and what varieties would you recommend?


My greenhouse is a recent acquisition which I am slowly learning how best to use. Last year my brother gave me a melon plant ("Emir") which I would not otherwise have thought of growing. It grew away nicely from a large pot on the floor, up a cane to the staging. The hand pollination was a bit of fun and one melon resulted, about the size of a large orange (or small grapefruit!). I picked it when the vine died off and put it on a sunny windowsill to ripen. The scent was beautiful, so after some days, we tried it, it still wasn't really ripe but tasted nice enough. Like the (larger) melons you buy but I grew it!

A bit of fun which used what would otherwise have been empty space.

This year I have grown four plants from seed (100% germination) which are growing vigorously. Only two fruits have set so far - female flowers have been scarce - and one of those is hanging under the staging, so I don't think I was the pollinator!

I'll certainly do it again, having melons and black and red chillies in the greenhouse adds to the look of the garden.

Besides, there are still seeds left in the pack.

I have an Emir melon plant - bizarrely, Kings substituted it for the onion seed I ordered - and it  has thus far added to the general Triffidity of my greenhouse without actually providing any fruit. Am I going to have to do the dirty deed for it myself?

I have 5 plants in my greenhouse cant remember the variety and seeds are over the allotment I have 6 melons growing supported with netting but whether they will ripen is another matter 2 are quite large and the others are the size of an orange so time will tell but feeling happy at the moment

About four years ago I produced two or three wonderful sweet melons from F1 Malaga. Iíve grown the same variety since and also tried one or two others. Iíve found they have become apparently ripe and very juicy but havenít really had that melon sweetness, juicy but a bit tasteless. Also something, mice perhaps, is rather partial to them as they ripen. I shall keep trying though!


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