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Is this a record?

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I planted Trinidad Perfume in February. No sign of life so I stuck the pot in a tray in the windowsill behind the net curtain to take its chances. Today I had reason to move the pot and Lo! and behold, I have a seedling!

Six months from sowing to germination - can anyone better that?


(being a stubborn beggar, I shall attempt to overwiinter it if I don't kill it first)

I have a pot of Trinidad Perfume sown earlier in the year which hasnít shown any signs of life yet. I donít know whether no germination can be counted as a record beater or not! 😉

Keep going - and let me know if one sprouts!

Will do - if I can find the pot 😛😒

I had a period of illness this spring, so didn't get around to planting as much as usual. 

I didn't manage to sow any parsnips, but one grew anyway about a foot away from last year's rows.  I dug out last year's crop before they could run to seed, so it appears this single seedling had lain in the ground for a full year before bursting into life this spring.  Well maybe.  Who knows.  Parsnip seeds are very light. Perhaps one drifted in on the breeze from another nearby plot.

Another long lived seed seems to be phacelia. Grown as a green manure and strimmed down and dug in before flowering, plenty more pop up later!


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