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Changing location - by over 1000 miles

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It is going to be challenging but I have already found a few agricultural shops..
The whole area is covered in vineyards, peppers, toms and generally very agricultural in nature.  I have a million questions floating around in my head but I am trying not to get over excited as it could all go wrong..

Oh wow, what an adventure!  And we understand that, having done similar ourselves in moving to France in 2006.  Don't regret it for one minute, except distance from our now married offspring, and five grandchildren (the last one having been born this morning!) Do you speak Portuguese?
hope you'll continue to take as active a part in A4A.  All the best.

Congratulations Peanuts.

Brilliant news Barriedale Nick.  What a super place.  Wish you and yours so much luck to get everything done.  Very happy to read about your excitement and share in it.  :wave:   

Tee Gee:
Congratulations Grandma 'Peanut'

Thank you!  The distance from our two offspring and grandchildren has been hard this year, as for so many people.  Seeing photos of the new arrival yesterday, and realising he will be the first one we've not held when very small.  We still don't know  when we will be visiting them all - end of summer?  or perhaps in October?  As our daughter and son-in-law both work  in the NHS, they are adamant that they don't want us to come back and risk they give it to us.  Easy to say that's not a risk now, surely.  But we know one family near us where the offspring came from Paris for the lockdown, unknowingly bringing the virus with them, and gave it to their parents here,  . . .who both died.  Just awful.  So we do understand the attitude of our two. 

Sorry this is a bit off-topic, except that  distance from family is one of the aspects that you must have considered in your exciting decision, Barriedalenick, and one that will go on being relevant!


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