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--- Quote from: Obelixx on November 26, 2020, 16:20:49 ---All the other joints are French trimmed with the skin and much of the fat removed.

--- End quote ---

It's the same here - aside from the belly and long rib cut everything seems to minus skin and fat.  I bought a bit of leg last week and noticed that the were selling cuts of, well, skin and fat really.  So I got one of those and tied it in to the leg and it was excellent. 

So winter has arrived here in Cartaxo!  Bit of a surprise to see a frost the other day and it has done for the peppers which I was happily picking still.  The banana and cape gooseberries are also pretty much done.  Lots of rain at times too and as we effectively live on the edge of the flood plain here you get a lot of very big puddles..
This is the field on the road to the river...

I now understand why and how they grow rice here! 

Still it is amazingly beautiful and our boxing day walk along the river was lovely.  Birds of prey, a drink by the beach and miles of open space to enjoy.

I think the growing season kicks off fairly soon in the new year and the market and famers co-op is full of tiny plugs to grow on.  I bought 40 strawberries for 7 and 20 rocket plugs for 1 last week but I have been told there is a bit of a hiatus in the new years while people take a break..  However I have found that over the river there is an enormous greenhouse area where they grow all the plug plants and there is the HQ of a sweet potato plant producer - I am not sure I will need the 400 packets of seeds I bought with me!
I have bought some blackthorns online which I have just heeled in for now and I have found we have an elder tree to - so sloe gin and elderflower cordial may be not too far off.  In short I think I can find just about anything I need here - I have even found a packet of Japanese\Korean radish seed at the market..
Off to Lisbon today to say goodbye to MIL and then we will at last have some time to ourselves before we get on with sorting the crap electrics, replacing windows and remodeling the bathrooms!

You need to change the bit on your profile that says that you are still in London!
Something tells me that you will not be going back there.  :toothy10:

Lovely to read your post, you certainly sound to be enjoying yourself :)


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