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--- Quote from: BarriedaleNick on August 21, 2020, 15:54:01 ---I think a lot of it is just trial and error and you get better over time.  The Kenwood does tend to get blocked a bit so the meat is best chopped first and different cuts do tend to behave differently so try a few different mixes.  The best bit is that you can add what you want or leave them vanilla...

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To the best of my recall, Kenwood offer three grades of coarseness in their mincer plates, start with the coarse and re-mince with the finer, to suit your taste. Also, the pork will cut better slightly frozen, that is not quite de-frosted.Its best to keep the minced meat cool at all times.Rusk/or breadcrumb may be incorporated at the second pass, this absorbs the juices and makes for cleaner handling. if using real casings, supplied salted, remember to soak until fully pliable, to reduce splits. Its nearly sixty years since my butchers' shop upbringing, how time flies!


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