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Okay it's time to get ahead of the game. I have sewn tomatoes, sugar snap peas, lolla rosso, and sunflowers in my cold greenhouse. More in hope than expectation but if they dont germinate there's time to try again but , if they do, well .........

Well I have tomatoes various lettuce and geraniums on the go at home all the lettuce have germinated and a couple of the tomatoes also the geraniums so as you say if the toms dont all germinate there is still time to sow more I still have to sow cucumbers, peppers and runner beans but running out of room with potatoes chitting also loads of onions planted in trays so roll on spring

Today, lettuce, 3 varieties. The previously sown batches germinated quickly but are sitting looking a 'little perplexed', due to the generally grey overcast days . i do have a UV light which is intended to add 4 hours to each day, set at 70 lumens. It has been coming on and off throughout recent days as each band of showers arrive!

I am still waiting to sow anything other than chilies\peppers.
I have some lettuce I overwintered for an early crop and then i buy those little trays of cut and come again from sainsburies - normally get more plants than I need for an early crop.  I'll give it another 2-3 weeks.

Crap weather today and tomorrow and it's sewing club day so Swiss embroidery to finish for me and then carry on with Sashiko.

Hoping the weather will be kinder on Wednesday so I can sow some leafy veg and salads and herbs.


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