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Sweet peas

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In my opinion sweet peas are best sown the end of October ad grown hard through the winter, but that is just my way. I live in the south. I grow for shows .

I normally find that if I sow them in October that something has eaten them before the end of the winter.  I used to put them on top of the waterbutt.  But once the mice found there was a treat awaiting them somehow they got up there. 
I have just invested in some root trainers, with a lid, perhaps that will be the answer.

It was really too hot and dry here last year so we had very few flowers form a late January sowing last year.

This year I sowed them in early November, a whole packet in a big 60cm pot.   We've had warm, frosts, wet, dry, gale force winds and mists and gentle breezes.

So far 2 have popped and grown about 4"/10cm high.  This morning I see another has popped.  Fingers crossed for more as three are going to look ridiculous.

Al sows hers  in January in a cold greenhouse.


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