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Tee Gee:
Well as most of you will know I gave up my allotments at the end of last year and have been quite busy this last few months altering my garden at home to make it a "bit more edible"

I can't get on as well as I would like with the outdoor aspects of the garden until such times as my spring bulbs die back when I can then move a few bulbs to incorporate the veg I plan to grow, so I will put that down to " work in progress" for now!

I have made a start on the 8x6 Greenhouse which I brought up from the allotment last year.

Last year was a bit of a learning curve due to the exceptionally hot weather we had!

I found out my stuff was drying out too rapidly causing blossom end rot on my tomatoes and vine weevil & whitefly on my peppers. I put this partially down to the paved floor I had in place as you can see in Pic 0.

To counteract that I have formed a kerbed area and filled this with timber chippings which I hope once dampened will create a higher humidity in the greenhouse as you can see in Pic1.

In Pic 1 I have laid out 19 number 10" diam x 8" high rings!

In Pic 2 I have placed a 1" deep drainage layer at the bottom of the rings, this layer consists of the lumpy pieces of compost I found after riddling the new and old compost I prepared for the remainder of the filling.

In Pic 3 You can see that I have placed approximately 3"-4" of homemade compost to save on cost!.

The mixture consists of a mixture of well-rotted horse manure and compost from the various containers I used last season. To this, I added 4oz of FB&B + 2oz Hydrated Lime + 2oz Slow release fertiliser pellets to 2 gallons (10 litres) of mixed compost.

In Pic 4 I have topped up the rings with new multi-purpose compost to which I have added half the quantity of fertiliser as used with my own mixed compost (Pic3)

I also inserted a bottomless vending cup into the compost to facilitate watering & liquid feeding.

Pic 5 shows all the rings prepared and ready for planting up!

In Pic 6 is an added feature I might try and that is to use additional pots to perhaps grow some quick growing salad crops or similar!

Pic 7 shows the inside of my heated 10' x 8' greenhouse jammed to the rafters with stuff awaiting planting out.

In the past, I would normally plant out my tomatoes sometime during the last two weeks in May but I am toying with the idea of perhaps planting out within the next couple of days as I need the space in my 10' x 8'.

My thoughts are; now that my planting area is so close to the house I will be at hand to cover stuff up if frost is forecast, where before I would have had to travel, around 4miles to my allotment to do this!

To do this I am thinking of just tying up my plants to short supports rather than the eventual long ones I will use, meaning I can throw a 'fleece' covering over the plants after tea and remove it again after breakfast! Then when all fear of frost is passed I will replace the short supports with long one!

What do you think?

Super-organised as ever, TG! Something for us all to aspire to (and fail, in my case!)

Wow, that is very impressive, although I am not surprised.

If you fancy a trip to Canada I have a greenhouse here that could use your special touch. The best I could do was plant in huge Rubbermaid containers  but you will get ten times the harvest I will and my greenhouse is bigger LOL

As always it is a pleasure to see and read your posts

XX jeannine

Hello Tee Gee , I love to see inside other people's greenhouses ! Yours looks like it's earning it's keep for sure . You,ve done a great job there .What variety Tomato have you grown to go outside ?  :coffee2:  Debbie

looks great my old mate you will have loads of produce even without the allotments well done you ive been doing a little weeding today only can mamage a couple of hours a day  at the mo


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