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French bean seed swap?


I wonder whether anyone would be interested in swapping small numbers of bean seeds. I should be able to offer:

Bird’s Egg Horticultural
Cherokee Trail of Tears
Coco Bicolour
Dinah’s Climbing Blue
Hidatsa Shield Figure
Kentucky Wonder
Major Cook’s bean
Mrs Fortune’s
Ryders Top o’ the Pole
Sara’s Old fashioned Black
Unidentified pink bean
Trout Bean
Viola di Cornetti
Canellino Rosso
Edogava Zurunacki Namame
Emperor of Russia
Smith River Super Sparkle
Vermont Cranberry
Xenia Field
Yin Yang
Beefy Resilient Grex

 :icon_cheers:  Welcome to A4A  Jan!  Hope you will like it here.

The bean swap is a great idea.  Could you please just add to your post whether it is a climbing or a dwarf French Bean?  That would be helpful.


Yes certainly. That’s very important!
Here’s the list with added climbing (C) or dwarf (D) info.
Bird’s Egg Horticultural - C
Cherokee Trail of Tears - C
Coco Bicolour - C
Dinah’s Climbing Blue - C
Hidatsa Shield Figure - C
Kentucky Wonder - C
Major Cook’s bean - c
Mrs Fortune’s - C
Ryders Top o’ the Pole - C
Sara’s Old fashioned Black - C
Unidentified pink bean - C
Tamila - C
Trout Bean - C
Viola di Cornetti - C
Canellino Rosso - D
Edogava Zurunacki Namame - D
Emperor of Russia -D
Idelight - D
Magpie - D
Smith River Super Sparkle - D
Vermont Cranberry - D
Xenia Field - D
Yin Yang - D
Beefy Resilient Grex - semi-climbing


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