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Wanted Oca Pobbles and Bracelet?

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If anyone in the Seed Circle had success with these varieties I added in 2015, I'd really love to have a tuber or two back as I've no stock of my own left. Galina has kindly sent me a Redley, I broke the one sprout it had produced before planting off by accident, but that looks to be growing. I may end up with two plants from these which would be great  :sunny:

So if anyone has the orangy-red or the white and red one and would be able to share either this season or next, I'd be very grateful  :wave:
Happy to pay the postage and I can swap some Oca tps or quite a few other things if I can help with anything you are looking for.

Cheers x

This was Pobbles

And Bracelet

I haven't got either (disastrous oca returns that year) but if there's no joy here could you try Oca Breeders?

I had a poor year with oca's last year too, just couldn't get them out of the ground so most became rodent fodder!

Those ones were unique to the Seed Circle group, so sadly unless someone has had success with them and saved a few to plant, then they are toast!

I've a lot more lines to trial this year, just the 3 mentioned above all had good production, each over 2 1/4 lb in the year I grew them from seed.


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