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Allotment problems

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I left.   Found a plot somewhere else ... and experienced worse problems!   Partly because as secretary I requested to know where some of the funds had gone!

I'm just pleased that by comparison our field is an oasis of calm. 

Funds are never an issue because the accounts have to be externally audited. Gives no scope for any fiddling, and required by the council as part of the management arrangements. Once in a blue moon there are odd issues about evictions - usually plot holders telling the committee they are too easy going with plots that are getting a bit neglected and weedy.

It is rather frustrating that probably two in three new tenants never become long term plot holders. Most giving up within a single season. I think they simply don't appreciate the time and work needed.  The committee have been making concerted efforts to emphasize the importance of a bit of winter digging, but we have a lot of tenants who are just never seen between the months of November and March.

But all in all I'm just thankful to be on a field that is friendly and well run.


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