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Private Allotments - How much do you or would you pay??

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Hello again

I am aware that I am paying through the nose for my plot but I was on a 5 year waiting list where I lived before and when I moved here last summer, I was told that it would be approximately 8 years. I can't wait that long to grow and currently am renting a house and my landlord won't let me grow anything in the garden. For the price of what some people pay for a daily paper, I get to grow in a location I can cycle to! I'd love to be able to do this for 40 per year (believe me). In the meantime I plan to recycle/freecycle everything I need and save seed for next year. I totally agree that pressure needs to be put on Council's to provide more, not less plots for a reasonable price. Because we are a private site there isn't the same sense of being part of a movement - hopefully this forum can help point me in the right direction in this respect too as well as helping me grow better stuff.



I rent on a private allotment and pay 15 per year, but we have no water supply.

I rent from the council in Nottinghamshire . My plot is 400 sq metres I think that is 15/16poles? and the cost is 41 although I am told it will be going up by 10% this year. At 45 I do not think that too bad but within the town on other sites there are many vacant plots and also plots that are taken but not cultivated . It is a constant struggle to attract new plot holders and many of them do not last after the first season.


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