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Giant Sunflower Varieties?


This may have already been covered (sorry for being lazy)

I recently saw some giant sunflowers on line but the bloom was more like a giant French marigold.  Does anyone know of such varieties?

Thanks in anticipation

There is sunflower teddy bear    (big frilly head) 24 inches tall, S/F evening sun  (looks like a blood orange)72 inches tall S/S dwarf sunsport  (single yellow flower) 24 inches tall S/F giant single (giant yellow flower) 72 inches tall    1-99p  Aldi 36 seeds MY favoret dwarf sunflowers one plant with about 7 lovely flowers 15 seeds 1 Aldi again this one is great for kids they  will have hours of fun Hope it helps a little  Rugbypost

Have finally found it. ......Helianthus Sungold

sunflower with brilliant golden yellow double blooms. head like a marigold, filled with fluffy petals but much larger and perched on a plant that can reach 2m tall.

 Here is the link

Ellen K:
My neighbour grew sunflowers like this last year and they were magnificent.

moreveg is quite an interesting seed seller, will look at them for my next seed order.


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