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I've decided to create a raised asparagus bed in my garden and grow some asparagus from seed. Has anyone done this and have a complete idiot's guide?!

I know they take a long time to grow, so is there anything that can be grown in the bed as well without competing with the asparagus?

- grown from seed, yes - but why? You don't have to prove yourself? Why not 1 yr old plants? Pick a few shoots in the 2nd year.

Other things? Don't know, but I would leave at least 18" either side?

Raised bed - lots of watering? = Tim

growing from seed due to the cost of buying crowns.
Was keen on a raised bed because the soil is quite clay and a raised bed also makes it easier to stop cats digging in it.

rdak-I take your point over the cost of crowns,and raising from seed is not difficult.

But before you decide see if you can get any others interested-a company called Moles seeds,offer 50 crowns for £27.20 inc.carriage-if you could sell some on at say 80p folk would still get a bargain and you could cover your costs.

Whatever you decide do watch out for slugs and snails-they ruined my bed completely.


- at least the cat answered?

And OK - but when your plants are just entering their first year from seed - great excitement - do make sure that someone doesn't rotovate the plot as 'a favour'!! - Tim


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