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Good Life Greenhouse Help needed

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I freecycled a greenhouse which i collected over the weekend

it is in pieces and there are loads of bits -  no drawings or plans unfortunately but I am determined to reinstate it!

do any of you have this model so that I can see how it all goes together - also any ideas wher i might get the spare bits such as bolts and foam strip gaskets

all the best


we got given a greenhouse,a more experienced plot holder showed us how to put it together,maybe you have similar helpful bod about?
we got all our bits from wilkinsons,much cheaper than b and q

harrod horticultural are quite good for all types of greenhouse spares but not always the cheapest.
as for assembly i have always managed to assemble them with no instructions and only making a few very easy to rectify mistakes usually just with bracing tho.

Apparently Good Life is a Crittall Greenhouse - does anyone have one?

and if so i'd be so grateful if you have a set of plans or photos



I have a set of assembly instructions for a Hall's greenhouse, models 46, 66 and 86.  If you want to check those models out and see if they are similar (I think they might be) I will try and scan them an email them.


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