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Cabbage weevil?


Ruined our calabrese (unprotected).
Reported to come in from rape. = Tim

TIM! they are my bigs that have ruined my brassica! Little sods...... *%$*& ggggrrrrrrr, would derris get rid of 'em?

I'm afraid that they laugh in the face of derris... I dusted liberally and they all bounced around - I swear I could hear them "look its snowing guys!".  They were throwing snowballs and making little snowbugs with sticks for legs.  Then they multiplied the population size x100 and ate all my cauliflowers, cabbages, mizuna, rocket and lettuce.  Evil weevils is their proper name.  

See this link for more info.

Commiserations on joining the weevil gang!

And just think. When GM OSR becomes universal they`ll probably grow as big as cats.


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