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Digging over our patch in Surbiton. Soil is clay based and prone to a bit of drainage trouble before it was dug over (still tends to pool water in the corners, but i figure mounding the beds should protect plants from rotting )

Have access to manure 2 miles away but no van so would ideally like to keep the movement of it to a minimum (will be using a car !! ewww)
I see lime is also used.....any tips on quantity needed for about 7 beds in a 125m sq plot ?? Do i need to add to all the beds or just brassicas ?

Concerned of Surbiton

I've got horrid clay too.

I've dug in a lot of manure and garden compost into my patch. It really helped and last year's crop was the best so far.

I don't have a car, so collect it whenever someone else is heading that way - fill up old compost bags in the boot. The smell isn't too bad (but then I do ride so I'm not bothered by the smell of horses!)

I plan to dig in gravel when I can afford it too. It's helped in the worse areas.

how many bags did you dig in per bed ?

My veg bed is about 50cm x 3.5m. I put about 80 litres of manure and another 80 of compost.


Il need a JCB !!!


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