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As a new allotmenter I was wondering ??? ??? if anyone can recommend any seed catalogues as I can't find any good garden centres round here to buy veg seeds from?

Cheers  :)

Mrs Ava:
hmmmm, firstly welcome to this mad place, secondly.....I have  a sneaky feeling a way back there was a long list of seed firms and web sites listed.....I will investigate and post again.

Just call me Sherlock  ;)

Mrs Ava:  


D.T. Brown 0845 601 4656

Edwin Tucker & Sons 01364 652233

Kings Seeds 01376 570000

Mr Fothergill's 0163 8552512

Suttons Seeds 01803 696 321

The Organic Gardening Catalogue (MIn order £100)
01932 253 666

Thompson & Morgan 01473 688821

Unwins 01945 588522

Hope all this info helps.  This info was thanks to an early posting by Gavin and Colin Bellamy Wood.   ;D ;D ;D


The Organic Catalogue don't have any sort of minimum order, only a postage charge of £1.00 on orders below £20.00!   It's the one I use most - but Edwin Tuckers was highly recommended in the last discussion.

All best - Gavin

Try lobbying Stephan (cleo), uses a seed firm who give good discounts.  Can't remember thread otherwise would point you there but no doubt others will jump in soon to help!

However, EJ is queen of seeds on this site, more than she knows what to do with, is always giving em away ;D ;D ;D


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