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Hi Folks, newbie here.

I'm delighted to find this site and thank you all for being here  :)

I'm wondering if anybody can help me with a question:

I'm sharing a plot on a private allotment in Walthamstow and I've had my name on the list for 3 years.

The problem is that the secretary keeps giving newly released plots to her friends.  As if this isn't bad enough most of the allotment holders have 3 plots already and most of them live about 15 miles away, whereas I live at the end of the road!!

I'm desperate to get a plot, mostly to save some money and I am really frustrated by the fact that I can't get one.

I was wondering if there was any rules about these things.  I've been onto the council allotmant officer (council are the freeholders) and he agrees with my perceptions of what is going on.  He says that he has no control as it's a private allotment.

Sorry to be all moany on my first contribution  :-[

Thanks, Ali.

ken (69):
You need to make of friend of the Secretary, Kris.Needs must.But there will be an elected committee and AGM's and you will be entitled to put it to the vote.The problem is, most peeps will vote for the status quo, especially the 3 plotters and the sec's friends.If you can't win.....grovel.

Hi, Kris,  This seems grossly unfair and getting an allotment shouldn't depend on you being friendly with the Secretary.  At our Allotment Society we have a Waiting List, and you can see what position everyone is at, on the list.  When you get to the top you should be offered a plot, if you turn the first vacant plot down, then you will go back down to the bottom again.

Is it possible for you to have a look at the List to see where you are in it, so you can track down you are being treated fairly.  Every Allotment Society has a constitution and should be dealing with people in a professional way.  Can you find out who the Chairman is and write to him about it or ask another Committee member to bring the matter up at Committee, as they probably meet every 3 months.  It must be very frustrating for you and I hope something gets resolved soon.  :) busy_lizzie

ken (69):
You are right B.L. IF it's anything like my town, Kris, the council allotment officer  that you spoke to will have already alerted your allotment Chairman, and he will have alerted the secretary.Excuses are being fabricated, evidence destroyed, people sweetened.Couldn't you get someone who is about to pack up his allotment,and thinks the way you think, to get this issue before the committee.After all, you have to live with these people afterwards.

Hi folks, thanks for all of your advice.

I've tried to be a creep - didn't work, unfortunately, and just served to empower the sec. even more  :(

I haven't tried the chair and this will be my next approach, but needless to say I guess the chair will be her boyf  :o

re: engendering the support of the membership - they're scared, very scared.

I will ask for the membership list, but as Ken says, I'm sure it's been composted as incriminating evidence  :-X

The best modus operatum seems to be to follow the oldies around with my wheeelbarrow and ensure that they sign their plot over to me before demising (?)  
 :o  ;D

*I'm trying to be funny here, not tasteless, honest guv*

Hope you've all had a fab weekend - I spent hours watering and then it poured down ................. did I mention that the secretary has the ear of God  ;D


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