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Another woman committee member and I are hoping to revitalise our lottie shop, which is in a very basic wooden shed on the site.  It looks as though it has never changed in the last sixty years, -  don't want to appear sexist , but men have always run it and it has always been very basic, (need I say more) ! ::) .  

We would like to make it more attractive inside and better stocked.  I have this idea of making it a bit of a social hub by having benches and tables outside it.  We thought we could also serve cold drinks in the summer and hot soup in the winter.  The first thing we need to do is try to persuade the other committee members to let us have electricity installed.  Has anyone got any other ideas I can use to make it better. Would really appreciate all your input. :D busy_lizzie

Hi Bizzy!

What a lovely idea and what a great place to retreat to when those showers suddenly come out of nowhere.  

No experience of lotties but how about large notice board.  Sounds a bit obvious and you've probably thought of it already but if it's there for all sorts of notices, tends to be something people look at and might encourage them to come to regard it as their clubhouse!

If electricity isn't an option, how about calor gas as long as someone is responsible for monitoring condition of cylindars and connections.  Is cheap and very efficient provided properly maintained!  Lived on my boat with no tricity and calor worked wonders!

Sounds a bit kitch but how about getting posters from people like potato marketing board, etc., to bring in some colour.  Usually can be obtained for free.  Or can be picked up from places like GW event at NEC.  We have big gardening show in Kent where you can pick up all sorts of things.

I take my hat off to you because what you intend to do takes a lot of organising and a lot of commitment on top of working your lottie.  Very best of luck!  Please keep us updated on your progress.  Who knows, you may have started something that will grow elsewhere!

go for it - it sounds a wonderful idea.

contact Mike Brannigan - lottie officer for N.Tyneside and tell him Ceri the scaffolding woman sent you!

Seriously, N Tyneside has just been awarded £250k of grant money for new lotties and upgrading existing sites - Mike knows about grants etc.  If you PM me I'll e-mail you his e-mail addy (don't think he'd be too impressed if I threw it out publicly!)


On our lottie site, at Hillheads, we don't have the basics ie toilet  :-\

does the grant cater for such mundane but totally necessary things?


Get the guys on your side and include building a barbecue?  You don't have to eat the burnt/raw offerings, but they might let a lot go by for the chance to show off their prowess?

I'm being cynical again - [wrists slapped][/wrists slapped]!

All best - Gavin


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