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 8) 8)Sunflowers are a good way to start children off getting interested in growing seeds.Mine used to have an annual competition to see who could grow the tallest Sunflower.

i'm growing sunflowers on my lottie, especially for the birds and cos i'm a big kid and want to have a competition with hubby to see who can grow the tallest one  ;D

dear legless,

Youve got competition then !!

My kids ( I include myself there) are going to grow sunflowers on my lottie ( when I eventually get some digging done  to prepare it!!)

 ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D   ;D

Oooo - I wonder if I can involve my NGH (non-gardening hubby) in a sunflower-growing contest!

What  great idea! ;D A Lotties4All sunflower growing competition.  I'm game too.  Lets do it!  The prize winner could have  a Sunflower icon against their name.   :D  busy_lizzie


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