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Today at 19:31:27 by Paulh | Views: 11 | Comments: 0

I've always grown short peas like Kelvedon Wonder, Onward and Rondo which are about 2' 6" or 3' tall. I get about three pickings from a short, narrow row which each do a family of four reasonably well. I treat them as a catch crop to use space that later in the season other things will grow into.

Do the taller varieties produce more pods and last longer? It seems they would take up more space, but I can plan for that.

So, tall peas or short peas?
Today at 09:42:45 by Paulines7
Views: 77 | Comments: 3

I am going to grow my squashes vertically as they will take up less room.  I have been looking for photos of what to build but the forum posts are very old and photos have been removed.

It would be interesting to see the frames that other members have built so I can construct something similar.  If anyone has any photos or ideas please post them.

The squash are growing in 1m x 1m polypropylene containers like the one shown below and each one sits on a wooden pallet.

Your help in this is very much appreciated.
Yesterday at 17:46:31 by chinablue32uk
Views: 112 | Comments: 5

Hello everybody I am a newbie to this forum, had a quick mooch around and I'm impressed :-) I have a problem which I am hoping some kind person can help me with I am trying to find instructions on how to fit washers and seals to my x500 flamegun
June 23, 2017, 22:10:06 by Borlotti
Views: 112 | Comments: 2

Well I found my shears, someone had borrowed them from my locker which is OK, if I had known and not spent hours searching the allotment for them, thinking that I had left them out and not put them back in my locker, which I had. Found my wheelbarrow, on the allotment next to mine, which had also been borrowed and not replaced on my allotment.  I gave permission for my shears to be borrowed again as long as they were put back in my locker.  Man who borrowed them asked my permission to sharpen them, which unfortunately I gave and he warned me that they would be very sharp (joke, they wouldn't cut nothing).  They worked perfectly before as OH had already sharpened them, but suppose he was trying to be helpful as he had used them a lot.  They were in my locker today with my kneeling pad and gloves, so I was already to cut the long grass, but my shears would not cut even one blade of grass.  No note to say sorry, I have knackered your shears, so very annoyed.  Took them home and OH spent over an hour trying to sort out the problem and he was not happy as told me not to let anyone else sharpen them, he was right as they were bent and completely useless. Hopefully he solved the problem with a lot of swearing, but I will certainly not lend them again.  No strawberries, only leaves, bird singing in the tree, lovely to listen to until I realised it has nuts all over my white cardigan.  Well think that is supposed to be lucky, or does it have to be on your head, which was last week, but still no lottery win.  Well I feel better now I have got that off my chest.  :BangHead: :BangHead:


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