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Yesterday at 18:56:20 by penedesenca
Views: 127 | Comments: 8

It might be a bit of a long shot but I came across this bean pic and it relates to one of the circles between 2010-2016 but I am stuffed if I can find his name. I would love it if someone could let me know it's proper name.

Please, pretty please   :angel11:

Yesterday at 17:19:13 by caroline7758
Views: 96 | Comments: 4

I know we've had this discussion before but not for a few years. Can anyone recommend some comfortable wellies that don't cost a fortune? Having moved further north and about to get a dog, I definitely need some! The only pair I own were fine for pottering around the allotment but very uncomfortable for walking any distance.
Tee Gee
Yesterday at 13:50:19 by Tee Gee
Views: 99 | Comments: 5

As many of you know I am in the process of changing my garden around and to do so I have had to lift lots of perennials that I have grown for many years.

Ideally I would have liked to have lifted the plants and transplanted them right away but my problem is ....I have loads of spring bulbs dotted over my garden which creates a bit of a problem!  Sods Law says if I transplanted here or there,  there is a good chance I will plant on top of a clump of bulbs so my plan is to wait till spring see where the bulbs are and plant my saved plants either between them or indeed if needs be; lift the spring bulbs and basically start again....I will decide what is best in Spring!

What I have done over the past month or so is divide plants that I want to keep and have potted them up to grow on until planting out time. I have put them in an unheated greenhouse rather than in a sheltered spot outdoors which I think they will tolerate! That is they may get cold but they won't get too wet and I think that it is a combination of wet & cold that kills off most potted plants.

To try and alleviate this problem my thoughts are; doing things this way will ensure that they at least won't get too wet, thus giving them a better chance to survive.

When potting up I found that after dividing them I thought if they all survive I will have far too many plants and was tempted to throw some out, then I thought as an insurance; I would save a few extras to cater for potential losses. (I'm a hoarder and always have difficulty deciding what to "throw away" in case I might need them later) Then to convince myself that this was a good idea I got to thinking that my Son & Daughter are both in the throws of developing their gardens so I possibly have a good chance of getting rid of any surplus plants there.

As they say: Waste not Want not!

You can see what I have done in the attached picture:

November 16, 2018, 13:55:13 by johhnyco15
Views: 144 | Comments: 4

hi every one been on the missing list of late now back to torment you all hope you had a great growing season here on the sunshine coast im still picking outdoor tomatoes all be it only cherry ones  :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


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