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Yesterday at 22:26:11 by Mikeakabigman
Views: 91 | Comments: 2

In the light of the new ability for us to post images direct to site, I thought I'd  try posting this shot of an Orchid taken in the sand dunes near Seahouses in Northumberland.  :happy7:
Admin aka Dan
Yesterday at 10:47:40 by Admin aka Dan
Views: 195 | Comments: 7

Hi everyone,

Following some technical changes on the site I have been able to enable Picture posting for all users directly to the site  :blob7:

I realise some people have paid for subscriptions to enable picture posting, and I'll be contacting everyone offering a refund.

Please spread the word, hopefully you'll all find it useful.

Yesterday at 07:19:29 by Jayb
Views: 73 | Comments: 2

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday  :toothy10:
October 21, 2014, 22:35:10 by gazza1960
Views: 262 | Comments: 15

I Luv a dipping curry so it was about time I made this Malaysian Bass Fish Curry with some Boiled Rice and Coriander Roti Bread.
This Fish Curry is ideal served with the Asian Style Rotis as they make Top Dipping side Breads along with some simple Boiled Rice.


1 Bass Fillet
3 tbsps Desiccated Coconut
2 tbsps Vegetable Oil
1 inch piece Fresh Ginger skinned and shredded
2 Fresh Garlic Bulbs Skinned and shredded
2 Red Chillies Deseeded and chopped fine
2 inch Lemon Grass stalk outer skin removed then shredded
spring onions chopped for garnish
1 tbsp Fish Sauce
14oz tin coconut milk
600ml chicken stock
1/2 tsp Turmeric
1 tbsp sugar
Juice of 1 Lime
Boiled Rice

Ok,get the rice on the boil  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Coriander Roti

225 grms Self Raising Flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp Vegetable Oil plus more for cooking
Handful Chopped Fresh Coriander
Tepid water to make dough

Right,First lets get the Bass Fillet cut into chunks and  Salted and set aside in the fridge................

Next,lets make the Coriander Rotis...........................

Sift the flour into a bowl and add the salt,then add the Tbsp of Olive oil and start to add some tepid water,gradually bring the ingredients together,adding more water as you need it.....just enough though as we want a soft sticky workable dough
kneed the dough on a board using some more flour if you need....and you get the resulting dough ball that you set aside for 30 mins.

Divide the Dough Ball into 6 smaller balls, ....roll out a ball to around 8 ins round ,once rolled out smear some oil over the Roti,now bring the bottom side toward the middle,the upper down toward the middle and the sides into the middle to end up with a roll out again to a plate size and to the thickness of a 20p piece.

Heat some Vegetable oil in a Hot Wok/pan and cook the Roti for around 3 mins until it starts to bubble.

now turn over and cook the other side for a further 3 mins so there is some charring on both sides but still soft...!!!!

cook them all and set aside in a warm oven  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right lets get the Curry on the go  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly heat the pan to a moderate heat and dry fry the desiccated coconut till evenly browned..!!!!!

now add the vegetable oil,ginger,chillies,garlic,and Lemon grass and fry briefly on a moderate heat.......

now add the fish sauce,and strain the coconut milk through a sieve then add to the wok...heat through.

Add the chicken stock,Turmeric,Sugar,a pinch of salt and the Lime Juice and simmer for about 10 minutes  !!!!!!!


Submerge the Bass Chunks in the curry sauce and simmer for 6 to 8 mins or until cooked through  !!!!!!!

now lastly,stir in the creamy part of the Coconut Milk and let it simmer to thicken the Curry sauce  !!!!!!!!!!!

Cut and serve the Roti Breads with the boiled Rice.....................

Serve the Curry in a bowl with a few Lime wedges and some Coriander and chilli garnish

""Malaysian Bass Fish Curry,with Rice & Coriander Roti""




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