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George the Pigman
Yesterday at 21:28:33 by George the Pigman
Views: 65 | Comments: 2

I tried earlier this year to grow several seeds from a packet of early peas purchased  in 2014  in roottrainers and only one grew! Then later I sowed two lines in situ  on the allotment and none came up. I strongly suspect that the seeds have lost their viability despite apparently being only 3 years old (Viability for pea seeds is supposed to be 3-5 years
and that's what I have found in the past).
There is no packeting date on the seed packet which makes me suspicious.
Anyone had a similar experience?
Yesterday at 18:11:24 by squeezyjohn | Views: 42 | Comments: 1

OK - here's the deal.  My previous strawberry bed was very productive but a combination of mice and birds stopped me getting any decent harvest of ripe fruit even when netted.  It's location was very slug prone too and I lost lots of bits of strawberries to them too.  This year I did away with the bed of Elsanta and I invested in a load of Mara des Bois everbearing strawberries and decided to build the strawberry bed equivalent of Fort Knox to keep out pests!

So the raised bed is constructed such that there is 5mm galvanised mesh underneath the soil to stop pesky rodents from burrowing in and it's frame comes up well above soil level to about 3 feet to deter them from climbing in - that also has mesh around the outside.  At present it is open to the elements at the top, and I had one very early fruit beginning to go red all by itself this morning ... and this evening it had gone completely!  So something is definitely coming in and taking them!

Obviously I will need to net the top as well ... but as they're everbearing I don't want to exclude any pollinators at all that might stop the berries forming properly.  What kind of netting will I need that will stop a mouse (apparently can squeeze through holes 10mm square) but allow a bee through?  Do strawberries even need pollinating or am I just imagining that?

Any advice would be gratefully received as I'd love to be able to harvest something!
Yesterday at 13:39:38 by eastybeasty1 | Views: 117 | Comments: 7


I've not used this forum in years (sorry!) and not even sure if this is the best place to ask. A wee memory lurking in the back of my head makes me think I've asked before but I've had a look and I cant find my original post. (if there was one!)

I'm going to be borrowig a pressure washer soon and going to attack the weeds between the cracks of my crazy paving. i seem to think al i do is once the weeds are away is to sweep cement into the cracks so when it rains this will fill up the this right or have i dreamt it?  :toothy10: :toothy10: any advice gratefully received!
May 25, 2016, 21:07:42 by Jeannine
Views: 209 | Comments: 6

 I have just transplanted 8 Daubenton plants grown from HSL seed.

 I didn't notice when they were in the modules but when spaced out it is clear that 2 are different. 1 has a quite definite purpled shade to it's stem and the leaf edges are smooth, 1 lacks the purple color but has the smooth leaf edges, and 6 have no purple color and the leaf edges are wavy.

I was not  totaling expecting true Daubentons from this seed as I am told they never produce seed and the HSL seed is something different but I was expecting them to be the same and I was hoping for them to be perennial..

Does anyone have any idea what I should expect from this seed. I have very little space and don't want to waste it. I would rather wait and get a cutting or two from someone sent over further down the line.

If anyone can tell me more about this seed I would be grateful, I will chuck the plants if they are going to be a bed full of questionable kale.  Help!! I am very frustrated.


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