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Garden Manager
Yesterday at 20:56:59 by Garden Manager
Views: 63 | Comments: 4

How was your garlic crop this year? I grow an unknown softkneck variety grown from my own cloves (OK not recomended I know but I am a confirmed cheapskate!). I usually get good results and decent sized bulbs/cloves. Today I planted my cloves for next years crop and while the bulbs were a reasonable size (bit smaller than some years) the cloves inside were quite small and I struggled to find enough good sized cloves for replanting.

I was wondering if this was a common occurrence or a sign that I need to buy new planting stock? I have a theory that last winter wasn't cold enough and this combined with excessive wet hasnt helped the bulbs/cloves reach a decent size? Or what else could gave caused this 'problem'. Any ideas?

Garden Manager
Yesterday at 20:37:52 by Garden Manager
Views: 49 | Comments: 1

How would you overwinter a large Ensete banana grown in a container rather than the ground?

I have one like this and need some suggestions. In the past it has lived in the conservatory over winter where it has kept growing. It is now too big for this!

Recently on Gardeners World, Monty prepared his for overwintering by removing all compost/soil, cutting back the foliage before turning it upside down to drain like a dahlia. He then says to heel it into a pot or bucket in a dry, dark and frost free place to keep it safe but dormant over the winter. Does this make sense? Or is there a better/more reliable way?

Yesterday at 11:44:03 by Taterhead
Views: 155 | Comments: 7

I'm currently on the waiting list at two different allotment sites and have been told by one that one may be available in a month or so. Obviously, I can't do anything plot wise yet but I was wondering if there was anything I could do in preparation.

Other than growing the odd spud and carrot in my teens I am a total novice when it comes to growing things.

We do have a small garden, but cannot do too much to it as we live in rented accommodation. We do have a fair size conservatory which I was thinking we could use as a greenhouse to start things off in. I know it would depend on what we grow but does anyone have any tips on using a conservatory as a posh green house?
October 24, 2014, 14:35:59 by goodlife
Views: 116 | Comments: 3

FINALLY! ....I managed to get something out of this crop  :icon_cheers: It only took..what 2 ...3 years since I received handful of those little cinnamon vine 'balls' from Galina. The reason for the lack of sizeable tubers has been my insistence of growing the plants outdoors where they've had to struggle against elements and millions of slugs and snails.
This spring I planted over wintered finger size tubers into bucket size pots, put clear plastic dome over them and left them to it. The domes didn't come off until there was good size plants underneath..about early June. After that they romped away and all looked very promising.
Today I noticed one vine starting to turn yellow and I couldn't wait any longer to see what is lurking in the soil....AND... :icon_cheers:
One larger one and 3 'carrot' size ones that will be planted as 'starter tubers' next year. Two more planters to turn over...vines in those are still healthy green so they will have to wait little longer...but at least I know the promise is there.. :icon_thumleft:
Next year 'dig out' even bigger pots and I have to start planning if I could possibly fit them somewhere 'undercover'..I fancy doing it 'properly' next time.. :drunken_smilie:


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