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Today at 11:20:06 by cabbage.patch3 | Views: 73 | Comments: 2

Hi folks, does anyone know where I can pick some sloes in North Leeds? Also are they ready yet because they are for sale on ebay. Thanks
Today at 02:31:07 by GrannieAnnie
Views: 102 | Comments: 3

Last month we had 2 heart-stopping events: our grandson (16) during heart surgery and a week later our son in law during "routine" knee surgery. Both survived with injected meds/electrical paddles applied. The surgery for both had to be repeated.

Tonight our grandson's sugery was repeated: an 8-hr cardiac surgery w/o anesthesia where an electrical pathway in the heart was zapped with cryosurgery. This was out-patient and he will be sleeping in his own bed tonight! Meanwhile, our son-in-law's surgery was repeated and successful, except he's been unable to sleep for a couple weeks which he was told is not uncommon following surgery (?) and could go on for 3 months.

I don't know why I'm telling you all this stuff. Maybe because I'm thankful it is over and I continue to be amazed how far medicine has come but also how unpredictable some routine procedures can be. Never say "routine surgery" !
Today at 01:41:55 by carlscolin | Views: 85 | Comments: 3

Hi everyone
I planted sweetcorn this year, for the first time.  It appeared to be growing well, but sometime in July I noticed that the silks at the top of the cobs had disappeared ?  and  on closer inspection I noticed earwigs and suspect that they have eaten them.  I sprayed them with a soapy solution, which appeared to have cleared them off.  But I wondered if the damage to the silks would hinder the cobs growth ?  Does anyone know ?  I am now looking at the cobs, and they are all about the size of half a cob, and don't appear to have grown any more than when I found the earwigs , so I suspect some damage was done.  Also, does sweetcorn require a lot of watering ? and could that have anything to do with the size of the cobs ?  We have had a lot of rain this summer, so I did not manually water them very often as I thought the rain would be enough.


Yesterday at 16:32:55 by Silverleaf
Views: 177 | Comments: 6

So my first ever runners went in this year, and they've mostly grown quite well. Some are 7-8' and they now have a lot of flowers.

They went in late so they are way behind what is usual, but I thought I'd get a crop out of them and bulk up my seed a bit as well. I'm starting two landraces - one for pods and one for beans.

But I was worried, because flowers grew and opened and looked pretty and the withered and fell off. No pods. There are a lot of bees here but they seem to be very busy with the nasturtiums and the honeysuckle and the last bramble flowers and the radishes I let flower for the insects and the mispoona I'm hopefully saving seed from. I haven't seen anything more than a very occasional hoverfly on the runners, and they didn't seem to be actually feeding on the flowers. I was getting worried.

8 hours ago I checked the plants: no pods. Nothing at all. Even though the RHS say that spraying the flowers with water doesn't do anything, I was almost desperate enough to try it just to feel like I was doing something!

And then this afternoon there are loads of tiny hairy little pods almost mocking me, as if they'd been there all along... so yay, I get to finally try them, with any luck. :) And hopefully they'll be crossing away like mad for me to get my landraces started properly. :icon_cheers:


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