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Yesterday at 17:11:00 by Multiveg
Views: 74 | Comments: 2

Has anyone yet received catalogues for next year? I know Simpsons is in production now. I'm already eager to deliberate what to grow next year.
Yesterday at 08:41:34 by Jeannine
Views: 201 | Comments: 11

Hi Folks, well I have finally a lot of time on my hands..sadly John is in the hospital , it has been about 4 months now, he is waiting there for a particular care home to come up..he is well physically apart from being fairly frail but his Alzheimer's is fast taking over now. He still knows who I am most times but he believes the hospital is where we both live I think. When he sees me he has no recall of the fact that I may not have been for a few days so he is well settled. Of course he has to be bathed, shaved etc. He still has a huge appetite but things have to be cut for him and he can't use a knife anymore. |He still can read but can no longer write, if he tries he seems to have an alphabet all of his own although he can still form part of his first name.. sort of like this Jholn

So now I am not a care person 24 hours a day I have loads of time on my hands, but I rarely leave the house to go anywhere but the hospital and the grocery store occasionally.

My two Chihuahuas are a great comfort though.. Florence is the bossy one who won't share and Maisie is the sweetheart who Florence pushes around a bit, however they are litter sisters and are extremely close as long as the whole world realizes that Florence is a princess and expects all the petting, fact everything that is being dished out,has to be first to her. They are like Mexican hot water bottles in bed and both sleep right nest to my face.  They are very sweet and I thank God I bought them. They have a doggy buggy which sort of acts like a walker for me so I take them into the hospital where they are a big hit with everyone.

We have a lovely unused guest house on our property and am thinking of starting a Prayer Shawl Ministry in there, hopefully I will meet some good folks and not be so lonely then.

I should be able to get on the site more if anyone remembers me and this time I will be able to answer.

I miss you all you know, you are a great bunch.

I planted my Red German garlic today and am hoping to grow some stuff over the winter in my greenhouse, we do have a heating option there if need be.

Oh and here is a funny son in law has just taken early retirement and we have decided to make wine, the last time I did that I was dressed in cheesecloth with flowers in my hair....anyway we have two lots of stuff going.

I have been really naughty with my Radley bags..thank goodness for e Bay.. I have almost all of the Signature bags  now and my daughter has started to collect them too.

Trying a little at a time to work on my dolls house I had sent from the UK.. Grovener Hall, it is lovely but quite the project.

Well a bit of an update, I hope all is well with everyone and I shall look forward to hearing from those who wish .

XX Jeannine
October 05, 2015, 21:13:01 by boydzfish
Views: 85 | Comments: 2

My last surviving fruit tree, a small apple one has suffered with brown spots every year; I think it might be bitter pit. Apparently this shows up because of calcium deficiency and the solution for this is mulching but this hasn't helped at all this year. So now I am looking at either digging it up (I would rather not) or sprinkling calcium around the base to wash down over winter to the roots. But I haven't been able to find anywhere that sells it and does it have to be horticultural calcium?
October 05, 2015, 18:55:10 by johhnyco15
Views: 140 | Comments: 3

i put in a new path today before the rain came it got me thinking i wonder what projects other people are planning this autumn/winter


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