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Today at 00:49:57 by chriscross1966
Views: 35 | Comments: 0

Hi folks... as I was attacking the weeds tonight there was a sensation that the head wasn't cutting properly and on inspection it's lost one of the eyelets the line feeds through... I can get them from Amazon or ebay for Monday but I urgently need the strimmer working on Saturday... does anyone know where I might find them inm a physical shop?... I could buy a new head from B+Q but I'd rather pay a fiver to keep my one going thatn 12 quid for a new head that don't fit quite the same way and shares no parts :-(
Yesterday at 22:39:51 by caroline7758
Views: 85 | Comments: 4

I really enjoyed eating my first PSB this year but didn't get very much of it for the effort and the size of the plants. I netted them at first but they grew so tall I had to remove the netting, then just as I realised there were bits ready to harvest, the birds shredded the leaves and then before I knew it the plants were going to seed. I'm wondering whether it's worth growing again, given it stays in the ground so long. Any tips welcome!
Yesterday at 21:07:30 by boydzfish
Views: 63 | Comments: 1

I invested in a small 2-stroke rotovator a few months ago and it has been fantastic I Just run it over the plots to create a fine tilth; it does in 20 mins what would have taken over an hour not to mention the soak in the bath to ease the back pain!! Anyway I was wondering about long term storage as it will be put away until the Autumn now and having some working knowledge of 2-stroke outboards I always remember we would run them dry after our underwater dives. What do others do with their rotovators when laying them up?
Garden Manager
May 27, 2015, 17:29:35 by Garden Manager
Views: 231 | Comments: 4

Recently sowed my seed iin pots of seed compost in heated propagator. All germinated fine . Turned off heat when they came up. After about a week in the pots I decided to transplant them into individual pots. Multipurpose compost with vermiculite added. Some root damage but quite minor. Courgettes more root than top growth, cucumbers more top then root. Had to wait for tapwater to warm up before watering. Soon as I had watered them the cucumbers all started drooping on me. Courgettes fine despite same treatment. Left them alone overnight, this morning all but 2 had recovered. 24 hrs after transplanting 2 still not recovered but not dead. One or two others including one courgette looking a bit floppy but not as bad as before. Compost still moist. Had watered from above.

Not sure what has gone wrong. Did everything I normally do when I don't have a problem. Might have been in a draught just after transplanting and I haven't given them bottom heat as I thought this might encourage damping off. The only other thing might be that the water wasn't warm enough and should have been given from below. Perhaps I have shocked them too much?

Any suggestions/help/ideas? Thanks


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By: springbok

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