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Silly chickens
« on: October 21, 2020, 08:31:02 »
 Every chicken we have had loves mixed corn and also the over ripe sweetcorn from the plot. We have two chickens now who jump up into the corn bin with excitement when I move towards it.

The present two haven't had sweetcorn of the cob until a couple of days ago, so I parted the outer green bit so they could see that it is corn.
Next day, still not touched the corn so Mr PKL removed all the green part exposing what looks very much like the corn they are used to.
Next day, still not touched the corn, so I break some corn pieces off and go and do some work on the garden. A few hours later the bits of corn are still there.  I resort to putting the corn in front of the chickens and hand feeding them. Hopefully they have now picked the rest and  when I go today they will have worked out that the little yellow pieces of corn that they like are the same as the corn on the cob!
Update later!

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