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Pond Lifted
« on: January 31, 2017, 22:26:35 »

Pond is a fixed liner type and is fitted inside a bricked area.

The area has a smaller area for the pump to one side.

In early November i came out one morning to feed fish and found that about 80% of the water had disapeared and the fish were all in the bottom in the water that could not got into the filter. We managed to identify that a clip had come loose on the filter and the water had leaked out in the pump housing. Using the pond vac i sucked about a foot of water out and gradually it refilled which meant that the water had gone under the pond.

The pond was about 5 inches in the air at one end and still flush near the waterfall.

I think the water has lifted the pond this has caused 2 problems

 - Slate chips around the pond have fallen in and stopped the pond droping back down
- part of the pond is still cemented in place

In March i need to remove the contents of the pond and then try removing the pond to fit it back in place (made more complicated by the 4 fish that where in the pond having had a number of babies we have seen between 8 and 12 of them which are now rather large)

Any tips on stopping this happening again?
Any tips on getting the pond out and putting it back in place?
We have taken a lot of time getting the water right is it worth saving as much of it as possible for the x number of hours the pond will be empty for so as to maintain the bacteria?

help appreciated


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