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Hiya,  :)

Could we have a named Forum for news, information, questions to do with what is happening in the Allotment Movment.  

Eg., sites under threat and what is happening?  Any new Legislation.  Short outlines of major conferences, like ARI in Birmingham.

This could also be the place for questions about points of law and how it is affecting us.

Do you know about section 8?

Where can you get "A Good Practice Guide"

etc etc

Hi Merv - great idea.  I don't think that privately owned lotties are as protected as Local Authority ones, but wouldn't know where to go to find out!

Just a thought, Merv - there is a Yahoo group ( which is where I look for that kind of info - mainly because Richard Wiltshire of QED is a member.  He is a GOLDMINE of useful information and advice, and is involved in a lot of these initiatives.

All best - Gavin

Hiya again.

I would think that your lease would give you most info about Tenure.

Where did the land for your Allotments come from in the first place would also give you some idea. eg., was it Covenanted, was it a gift etc etc.

Hi Merv - it's 'owned'  by the Church (at least that's who we pay the rent to).  Information about its origins is sketchy, but we think it was gifted to the people of the parish in the late 18th/early19th centure by a local parson.  When I get more info - I'll come back to you.  Be useful to know exactly where we stand!  


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