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Hiya  :)

Free compost bins; one big black, one small green, are widely available pretty well all over.  If you live in a flat there is no problem and there is no problem taking it to your Allotment once it has been delivered to your home.

Order through your Council or on line at

I don't think North Tyneside are that generous!  I've had a look at NTC's website and I can't find such a nice offer!  I did buy two subsidised one through our council a couple of years ago, but these are already well-used in the garden - I'll have a go at our council to see if I can get anywhere


Try the web site

Umm, see what you mean.. have you read their doc.."What a Waste"?

Yes, I have - lots of 'vision' and 'committed to' interspersed with 'in future years we may...'.  Usual codswallop.  Interesting that one of their 'future years' ideas is central composting, but that they don't think the end product would be of a high enough quality for parks and public spaces - what do they do at the moment - buy peat in or something horrendous?  One or two mentions of home composting being a good thing, and that was it.  I feel a minor 'Ceri the composting councillor' alliteration coming on!  We have a new home recycling scheme and I would love to be clever enough to work out if it actually saves energy, or whether, as I suspect, the scheme costs energy in real terms, and is just for government figures!


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