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Compost for free ( nearly)
« on: July 13, 2022, 14:26:54 »
I guess the days of reasonably priced bags of ‘good’  compost are over, and looking at the price of the peat free stuff forced upon us leaves me only one alternative, to make my own.. I don’t have a receipt but I am gathering hopefully suitable material in a ‘ton’ builders bag . We get horse manure and wood chip delivered free to the site so barrow loads of that gets mixed with grass cuttings, and some ‘compost maker’ granules. I add the occasional shovel of nice soil, water and worms if I find some, plus the odd nettle and comfrey leaves. Come the autumn I shall add some dead leaves to the mix. My plan is to use my rotovator to break and mix it all before bagging it. It wont be sterile and possibly too rich for seeds etc, but worth a try . Any suggestions for other materials are welcomed .     

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