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Tiny Clanger:
Lost my garlic and shallots to white rot - again! I'd overwintered them. Oh well, at least I'm finding out where the white rot patches are on the plot. Off to the Horse feed suppliers. Going to try the powdered garlic treatment. Not got enough onion waste to try that and I can't guarantee it will compost at the required 50 Deg. for 3 days. Just hope I've got a rot free patch to put the leeks in  :BangHead:

I also suffer with white rot but 2 years ago I started using the garlic powder method. The first year I was a bit late using it but the results were an improvement. Last year I kept the same bed and used the garlic powder around September the previous year. I know the thing about crop rotation but my dad never moved his onion bed . I had set 300 onions in the bed expecting to loose at least 20% but the losses were in single figures. I kept the same bed for this year and so far so good. I took a tip from Tee Gee and only watered my onions the day I put them in. It is the same with the garlic bed 200 plus set and they look good at the moment. We are going to the allotment tomorrow to take the scrapes off the elephant garlic so we will be digging a couple out to test the water. Both beds are covered as we also suffer from Allium Leaf Miner and Downey Mildew. On the onions I grow Hylander, Toughball and Santero to combat Allium Leaf Miner and Downey Mildew.

Tiny Clanger:
Thanks for that Plot 22. I bought some Eschalotte Grise from King's and put them in next to the garlic. Both to over winter. The garlic was Taylors, always done OK before and the 5 cloves I had left over were planted elsewhere. They are fine. I have onions growing on another patch Sturon, Reisen and one I overwintering but can't  recall the name. They seem to be fine. Could I have imported the white rot on the shallot sets? I rarely water onions.  I listen to what Tee Gee says too. He's  good isnt he?. I will use the garlic powder  as you did. Let's hope we get a good outcome. Many thanks again xx

I forgot to mention that I grow Golden Bear to combat the white rot  and they seem to do the best of the varieties that I grow. Having said that last year was the best that I have had for the last 5 years. The important thing is that you have to put the garlic powder down when it is still warm but not red hot and give it time to work. I will take my onions up by the end of August and in September rake the powder into the bed. In November I will cover the bed with well rotted farmyard manure and dig it in around March. The white rot has only one chance to find and attack alliums if it fails it will die.
I don't know where mine came from  it may have come on shallots or garlic but I will never know. I can only speak from my experience. We use the white garlic powder not the brown for 2 reasons. First if you have any left over the brown will go hard and is difficult to use the following year and the white remains a powder and can be used in cooking or so it says on the packet.
I tried a couple of my garlic yesterday and they were fine. I will give them another 2/3 weeks and take them up

Tiny Clanger:
So very grateful for that. Will make sure we get this done in September. X


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