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What is best in pots?


I might have more of the following tomatoes, beans and sweetcorn than I have space for - can any of them go in pots? Thanks in advance.

Deb P:
Tomatoes and climbing beans will do ok in large pots with a wigwam of canes for support depending on the varieties. Sweetcorn I have grown successfully in a half barrow before I had an allotment, six plants in those and they pollinated ok so it is possible!

Well if you have ample pots and compost you could have a go at the lot.

If you have to prioritize, I'd put tomatoes ahead of beans and sweetcorn  last. You are only likely to get one or two cobs per plant at best and unlike an allotment bed of sweetcorn pollination may be tricky. My allotment sweetcorn always seem to develop huge roots. I'd guess they might struggle in a pot.

Four good tomato plants could easily yield 40lbs of fruit. I'd take that ahead of six sweetcorn cobs.  Just my opinion of course.

I am going to grow it all - just some will have to have the second class option of pots


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