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I don't think this is a pest - probably the opposite - but I'd like to be sure.


I've used both Google and Bing to do a (reverse) image search on this - both came up with hundreds of hits on nothing like it.

One image bore a slight resemblance but it was circular - a spiders egg sack - the shape of mine could be due to it spanning a trough (in a cactus) but it's obviously not the same species - much thinner tethers - mine is a very impressive 101/2 point harness!

I love spiders in my garden spaces - but I'd still like a closer match. Any Ideas?


It certainly does look like a spiderís egg sack but what a beautiful and finely made one. I canít be any more sure than you but, as you say, itís very impressive.

I guess your best hope of closer identification is to watch and hope you can catch sight of whatever emerges unless, of course, it has already slipped out - or unless it is in fact something else altogether.


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