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My season has peaked

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That's it now, I have my first tomato set - downhill from here!

Wow! that's early

I can beat that.   I've got tomato seeds still in the packet.

Seriously that is impressively early.  I'm assuming these are going to be grown in a greenhouse or polytunnel.  Outdoors they would not be safe from frost around here for another five or six weeks.

Bloody hell - mine are about 4" high! Have you moved in with Barriedale Nick?

I start the seeds (Alicante) in the propagator in the south-facing spare room in early february, pot on as needed, when they are in the final pots they go in the (also south-facing) conservatory. Admittedly the plant life ends up shorter than those in the greenhouse, but anything to get that home-grown taste - shop tomatoes taste of nothing to me. I can't grow in my plot because of blight, but am growing a third sowing for pots at the back of the house. Is there anything else as easy as tomatoes?


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