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I am so chuffed

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I have a flower on one of my aspidistras! Years and years since I saw a flower. It's the little things....

Congratulations!   Can you post a pic?   I don't think I've ever seen an aspidistra flower.

Had tp Google the flower to see what it looks like.
Well done, will peer into mine in future just incase. Is it the nice purple colour in real life?

I've never seen one to my knowledge, long gone are the 60's and 70's when the oldies kept the " aspidistra flying" so may have seen one in a dark hallway as a child! It would be lovely to see a picture Small.

I've set OH on the task of photographing it, how do I send it?!!!!
My aspidistras (yes I have a lot) are all descendants of my grandmother's treasure, which my mum said was always there from her earliest memory, 1930....


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