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sunflowers for Ukraine

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I have just suggested that we shouhd all grow sunflowers accross our plots in defaince of bullys.   
maybe we could do this accross our forum too.
i think it would be a visually stunning way of expressing support.


Tee Gee:
I will make a start;

 :icon_flower:  :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower: :icon_flower:

That's a nice idea. I found these in the icons, Ukraine's colours... I will buy some seeds!

Thats a really nice idea I have never grown sunflowers but I will do this year 

I will too but not where the potato crop is. i did that last year it wasn't such a good idea but hey self seeded and I hadn't the heart to move them.


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