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The weather today part 3

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Brightened up later and we were able to get some stuff done, mainly re organising the greenhouses ready for the season... very wet in the avenues though!

Gritty orange rain today, all the way from the Sahara.

Its been raining all afternoon here in Yorkshire so spent the time sowing seeds but the forecast is good for the next few days so feeling hopeful

Sounds lovely ACE! We had a wet afternoon but the skies cleared overnight so we now have frost but a beautiful sunny start..

We started with murky yellow skies on Tuesday had a layer of sand on cars, roofs, everything.   Same again yesterday.

Today skies are almost a normal pale grey and its dry but we could do with a good downpour or 3 to clear the sand in the atmosphere and rinse all the foliage.   Certainly not worth going to the carwash just yet.


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