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Butternut squash

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OH made some lovely butternut squash soup a!though he over did the fresh ginger. Just bought some more squash but expensive so will try and grow some this year. No allotment but in pots maybe.

You'll need big pots, rich compost and plenty of watering and feeding in a sunny location to get good fruit.   They can sprawl so you'll also need a climbing support to get the flowers and fruit up and into full sun.

The variety  Butterbush is supposed to be good for growing in a large container but I would think growing any squash in a container would need plenty of water and frequent feeding.

Tricia  :wave:

Think I will forget that idea as think they do need a lot of space.

Try Utchiki Kuri instead.  Small round onion shaped fruits with good flavour and you can easily stop the plant after it's set a few fruit and that will control vigour.  Still needs a god pot plus feeding and watering but easier to get a good, tasty crop in a poor summer.

Or maybe just a courgette?


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