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Raised bed construction -wood type and assembly

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Commonly known in the Midlands as "Pallet Toppers" mostly available in wood, but some in hard plastic. Come with lugs on the hinges at each corner to lock them together when stacked. Wood ones are often available in wood recycling yards.. good for 2-4 years if given a wood coat and cleaned up and taken in.

Yesterday went for a walk and saw some workmen throwing some sections from one of those sectional walls in a skip. It seemed a shame as I reckon they would make good raised bed for someone.

George the Pigman:
Well many thanks for everyone's advice and observations. It's fascinating how many different ways people have approached their construction.
I suppose a lot depends on what you can get hold of easily. Originally my compost heap was made of panels of marine plywood that my neighbour on the plot ended up with as he was a builder and it was being thrown away. As you would expect it lasted for ages. However now it is a sorry site and needs replacing.
I have decided to use 8 ft gravel boards for the beds as we are having fencing done and they are spare. I calculate that three 8ft gravel boards will make a 4ft by 8ft raised bed. Trouble is I also calculate I will need 16 beds allowing 22 ft free  on my plot just for traditional rows of potatoes.
Hopefully get these set up in March.


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