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Leeks am I too late?

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I sowed a row of leeks in the early summer and they are growing nicely and a variety of sizes.
 Today I started to separate and transplant them. They are well established and much better roots than when I have grown them in pots. I'm just wondering if it's too late?

Hi Ya, I have done the same thing and see how they turn out. I will be interested on the out come. Wikk post a photo of transplants when I come back from lottie later. Fingers crossed

When I've got extra after planting out, I often plant them as a bunch in a corner. They grow on, and you end up with some mini leeks with which to impress the cook when there's a stir fry on the menu ...

If I use any of those later to fill in gaps or when more space becomes available after a few weeks, I find that they never really grow on as well as the ones first planted out. Maybe if you can spare them the space they would get going next March or April, but I just get them up and use them by then. Perhaps they would be more likely to send up a flower stalk too?

Hi, I have done that and still planted them out and got good leeks by April although not as big. Really useful for leeks au gratin...roll in a slice of ham, pour cheese sauce over the top and bake in the oven.  And who knows what size they were when sautÚd or in soup... It is better to use them than throw them away now then have to go out and buy some :)

Absolutely! I often use them instead of onions as a base for dishes as they are ready when the onions are long gone, doesn't matter how big they are in a stew.


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